Would you enjoy attending...?


I for one would love to have more than just monthly meetups. Ionut mentioned code dojos, but I think we should figure out both topics and medium of discussing/approaching them.

The plan is for people to contribute topics they would like to attend or present/direct. I’ll create a poll afterwards and we can figure out details later.

Here’s a list of topics I could present / direct / moderate / etc.

1-2 hour presentations:

  • Curry-Howard Isomorphism (Logic - Type Theory - Category Theory) - basic level
  • Free Monads
  • Functor Basics
  • Applicative and the Alternative Semiring
  • Monads
  • Extended Functor Family (Contravariant, Bifunctor, Profunctor)

Series of presentations:

  • [2-3 presentations] Category Theory Basics
  • [2-3 presentations] Lambda Calculus and Basics of FP

Other ideas:

  • Hack meetups where we work on various projects (maybe even OSS?)
  • Online meetups?

… and probably many other beginner to intermediate level FP presentations that may be requested.


I would go with some dojos where multiple monads are involved (Reader/State/IO/etc). I know that this involves some knowledge of monad transformers, but never fully understood it. Maybe we can also add this to the list of presentations.

Seems like a common scenario in real life. First thing that comes to mind as dojo, it’s a simple game with some state, that also has IO around it.


Just dumping some ideas here as well:

  • Pick up a paper and re-work through it during a coding dojo. Examples: Monadic Parser Combinators, Monoids: Themes and Variations.
  • Presentation on persistent data structures. I think this is one of the basic topics in FP that most people don’t really have a good grasp of.
  • A coding dojo is not like a code retreat. It needs a driver, someone that prepares the whole set of exercises in advance and will thus be able to help people with hints.
  • We can do code retreats/hackatons as well, but I haven’t thought too much about that.


I would be more than happy to give some talks on formal approaches to FP:

  • Logic 101 (propositional, first-order, intuitionistic, modal logics)
  • Curry-Howard correspondence (based on Wadler’s Propositions as Types)
  • Semantics of programming languages (an overview of operational, denotational, axiomatic, static semantics)


Thank you for the taking the initiative @cvlad! All the topics mentioned above sound interesting to me.

Just to give you an idea of the sort of things that I’m excited about, I’ll drop in some resources in no particular order.

Here are some papers that I would like work through in a more organized fashion:

Here are some toy implementations that I would like to attempt:

But if we want to prepare a coding dojo with little effort, I think we could base it on tutorial sources, such as, the Fun of Programming book, which contains numerous exercises and is very readable; I worked through the Functional images and Origami programming chapters and they were both excellent (and fun) :slight_smile:


I will be creating a poll with all the ideas posted here so we can vote on them. If you’ve been holding on / sitting on ideas, you probably have another couple of days so please do share!